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Vietnamese 18 Girls

The Vietnamese accounts for more than 85% of the population in Vietnam, with the minorities including Chinese, Khmer, Cham, Hmong, Nung, and Tay. The official language spoken is Annamese-Muong. Some Vietnamese girls may speak French, Chinese, English, and Khmer.

Under the Vietnamese law it does not clearly define the age of a simple majority nor does it define the age of consent for sexual activities or acts.

Vietnamese law also does not recognize common-law marriages. The legal age for marriage is 18 for a Vietnamese girl. Traditionally, Vietnamese marriages are arranged, but now girls can choose their own partner. The average age for Vietnamese 18 girls to marry is around 23 years old.

Nowadays, in Vietnam, despite the success of the gender equality movement, the position of Vietnamese woman is still lower than men. On average the education level for most women vary from primary to secondary school. There hobbies and activities they do are pretty much the same as the girls from the west. They enjoy listening to their favorite music, watching their favorite movies and etc.

Vietnamese girls are the most gentle, loving, supportive, and special of all Asian women. They have very strong and traditional family values. Once a Vietnamese girl is married she places her husband and family as number one.

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