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Mongolian 18 Girls

Most Mongolian 18 girls are predominantly Khalkha Mongol, with minorities including Oirat Mongols, Kazakha, Chinese, and Russians. The official language is Khalkha Mongolian. Other languages spoken are Turkic, Russian and Chinese.

The legal age for Mongolian girls is not defined, but we do know that the age of consent for sexual activity and act is 16 years old. Under the Mongolian family law, the age of consent for marriage is 18 years old for girls. The Mongolian law allow freedoms for woman the choice to remarry when her husband died and most importantly, the right to decide to divorce her husband should the marriage prove unsuccessful.

Mongolian girls who come from a modern family will differ to those girls coming for herders. Girls coming from herder's families and between the ages of 7 to 15 years old will spend most of their years away from their family. This is because they are sent off to boarding school for a better education.

These days you would find Mongolian woman getting paid work even after they are married. Most marriages are between schoolmates or co-workers. Such a mechanism of mate selection reinforced the tendency, for people to marry within their own social stratum. Herders tend to marry herders, and young professionals married young professionals.

Girls from herder's family don't have the privileges like the girls in the city when it comes to hobbies and activities to do. Herder's girls would spend much of her time on farming the animals, and looking after the family. Girls from the city will enjoy and experience much more in life. They have can enjoy the fun of parties, movies, going out friends, meeting different people and etc.

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