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Korean 18 Girls

Korean is the official language spoken in both North and South Korean. So expect all Korean 18 Girls to speak Korean. Some Korean girls who are from South Korea would know English as they are taught in schools as one of their educational programs, but only expect there English level to be very limited.

Korea's legal sexual consent for girls is 13 years old. It is one of the youngest around the world. This age for legal sexual consent only applies to South Korea. North Korea's legal age is not defined.

Although, girl's at the age of 13 years old can have sexual contact legally, it is not until they reach full 16 years of age that she can lawfully get marry with her parents' or guardians' consent. If a minor gets married, she is deemed to have reached the age of majority and is granted legal capacity, independent from parental authority or guardianship.

Young girls from Korea are open-minded and not like their parents. They enjoy all activities that young girls enjoy. These include listening to pop music of local and foreign artists, partying, clubbing, socializing, shopping, dressing up, rollerblading, and many more. Many try to follow closely with activities and styles of their western and Asian counterparts.

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