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Greek 18 Girls

Greeks are only partly descended from the ancient Greeks, having mingled through the ages with the numerous invaders of the Balkans. The official language is modern vernacular Greek. However, a small minority are Turkish-speaking, and many young Greek girls speak English and French.

The legal age for Greek 18 girls is 18 years old, but they are allowed to give consent to sexual intercourse at the age of 15 years old. Greek woman has very little rights in her sexuality education, and employment.

At the age of 18 years old Greek girls can consent for marriage. Nevertheless, the courts can allow the marriage, even before the completion of the 18th year of age, if the wedding is imperative by a significant reason and with parent or guardians of that person consent. After marriage the woman will become the homemaker. She would control all domestic affairs of the Greek family. This includes every detail from arranging the home furnishings to sex.

Greek girls are more privileged then boys. This is because most Greek parents will build a house for each of their daughters, but not the sons as they are suppose to marry a girl who will get a house from her parents. It is normally the daughter who inherits the parent's or grandparent's house when they past away.

Girls from a Greek background enjoy going to the movies, catching up with friends, dressing up and etc.

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