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German 18 Girls

The standard language spoken and taught in Germany is German; therefore most German 18 girls will have adopted this as her official spoken language. Although this is case, Danes, Frisian, Gypsies, and Sorbs or Wends are spoken by indigenous non-German-speaking minorities where some girls are brought up.

In Germany, a girl's legal age is 16 years old. At this age they are free to give sexual consent and to married upon application. By law, girls under the age of 21 years must obtain the consent from her parents' or guardian to get marry. If she was over 21 years old and was to marry a military men, public officials, or a foreigner, then before marriage a special permit must be obtain from the relevant department.

German girls are very outgoing girls who enjoys activities much the same as their European counterparts. Dancing the night away with a couple of acholic drinks is not a surprise. They also enjoy listening to pop music of their favourite artists. Like all girls at 18 they take pleasure in shopping and dressing up too.

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