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French 18 Girls

French is the official language used and taught in school in France. When French 18 girls use French to speak, it is one of the sexiest and romantic languages heard. For those French girls who are from other region of France they many also speak a number of different regional dialects, but this trend is largely declining due to there migration to larger cites to study or look for work.

Here are some of the common dialects that are still use:
  • Alsatian, a German dialect is spoken and used in Alsace and throughout parts of Larraine.
  • Small number of the population speaks Flemish, a Dutch dialect, in French Flanders.
  • Breton is still spoken in Celtic Brittany, as is Basque in the Bayonne Region, Provencal in Province, Catalan situated at the eastern end of the Pyrenees, and Corsican on the island of Corsica.
In France, girl has much freedom in regards to sexual consents and marriage. There are no sodomy laws and the age of sexual consent is 15 years old. Girls at the age of 15 years old can too enter into a valid marriage contract with the parental consent. Any girls older the age of 21 years old do not require parental consent for marriage.

Girls from France enjoy lots of partying and night life. France is a place famous for lively nightclubs. French girls usually turn up to party spots with a group of girlfriends for some vigorous dancing and a couple of drinks. It is also a great way to relax and check out and meet guys.

A popular hobby for girls is to take pleasure in shopping in many of the great shopping points for great styles in clothing, shoes, and accessories.

The activities that girls do in France are endless. No matter is it partying, shopping, or just relaxing with a cup of coffee. They are all just great to hang out with.

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