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English 18 Girls

When we refer to English 18 girls we are speaking about girls from the United Kingdom. The official language in the United Kingdom is English, but some are capable of speaking Irish Gaelic, Scots Gaelic (Gallic) and Welsh as well as English.

The age of majority (legal age) for English girls is 18 years old. This legal age applies for girls residing in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales.

The age of consent for sexual intercourse and acts is 16 years old or over in England, Scotland, and Wales and 17 years old in Ireland.

Throughout the United Kingdom, the law permits a girl to consent to marriage at the age of 18 years old. Those girl who wish to marry before this age required consent of both parents for marriage. By being married it does not affect the age of majority. A person is still a minor until the age of 18 years old even if married.

English girls are no different to western counterparts when it comes to trends and activities they do. They are famous for developing their own fashion trends. They love to shop, party or just meeting new friends.

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