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Dutch 18 Girls

Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands, and is also in Belgium, where it is called Flemish; both dialects are officially referred to as Nederlands. Most girls in the Netherlands fluently speak Dutch, only a small minority will be able to speak English.

The simple age for majority for Dutch girls is 18 years of age. The law does not state the age of consent of sexual activity or act.

The legal age of consent for marriage for Dutch 18 girls is 18 years old. Those who wish to marry younger then this age; the related person needs to gain permission of the legal representative or the civil court. The Dutch law only acknowledges civil marriages, performed by a registrar of marriage. Once the civil ceremony is completed the marriage may then be solemnized in a religious ceremony.

Young Dutch girls are just like there European equivalent who take enjoyment in listening to their favour music, going to discos and parties, shopping with friends, meeting new friends and a lot more.

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