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Chinese 18 Girls

About one-fifth of the world population speaks some sort of Chinese as their native language, making it the most spoken native language in the world. The official Chinese language is Mandarin which is spoken throughout Republic of China, Taiwan, and Singapore, so expect those Chinese 18 girls to speak this language. For girls who have growth up in Hong Kong there official language is Cantonese, but some 18 girls do speak as well as write English to a very limited level.

There are wide variety of other Chinese dialect which are spoken other then the two previously mention. These include: Min Nan and Hakka. These are more common amongst Chinese girls around the different China provinces.

The Chinese 18 girls are considered to have reach adulthood when they reach 18 years old. By law the legal age of consent for sexual activity is 14 years only in China. This which is considered quite young when compared with their other Asian counterparts, Hong Kong 16 years old, Macau 17 years old, and Taiwan 16 years old.

By China's law, girls who are 18 years of age will require consent by her parent to marry. The legal age of consent marriage is 20 years old. In the early days girls are usually married off by there parents before they reach the 18 years old. But as the views has change, Chinese girls have been more independent like there Western counterparts, so girls these days don't marry until their late 20's to early 30's or even later.

Chinese girls at this age have many hobbies and activities that they do during there free time. At this age they would take any opportunities to meet boys and have fun. There would hang out in clubs/discos and anywhere where they can meet boys. Many girls enjoy social dancing a couple of days a week at social clubs (another great way to make friends). They also enjoy meeting a couple of friends for coffees for some girly gossips. The activities and hobbies they do and enjoy are not much different to there Western counterparts.

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