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Aztec 18 Girls

Aztec is a small city located in San Juan County, New Mexico, United States. The Aztec language was called N'ahuatl. It is a system of pictures where they were used as sort of an alphabet. Today, Aztec girl would know little about this language as the official language use would be English.

Traditional Aztec girls were taught at home and began spinning at the age of 4 years old and cooking when they have reach 12 years of age. Their education was basically training for marriage, although noble girls spent a year when they are 12-13 years old helping in the temple and some would become professional priestesses. Although, Aztec woman took little direct part in public life, they still have the equal opportunity as the man to attend school to be better educated. Aztec girls usually marry around the age of 16 years old. Once she is married her life would be more of a family context.

These days' girls don't marry so soon and prefer to enjoy and experience life a bit more. Young Aztec girls are much like their American counterparts. They take pleasure in music, parties, going out with friends, meeting boys and much more.

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