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Arabian 18 Girls

The Arab world is made up of 22 countries stretching from Morocco in the west to Oman in the east. It makes up a population of 300 million combined. Most Arab countries speak the Arabic languages. The Arabic languages comprise North Arabic (or simple Arabic) and South Arabian (or Himyaritic or South Arabic). The South Arabian language differs significantly from the North Arabic. Therefore, they are considered separate languages.

The legal age for marriage of Arabian 18 girls varies as the Arab world is made up of many different countries and each countries law are different. But we have found that some Arab countries has no limits for the age of marriage, but conventionally and traditionally, it is advisable to marry at 18 years only and above. Traditionally, sexual activities or acts are not permitted, except in legal marriage.

Customarily, Arabian girls is enjoined to behave modestly in public and is generally expected to give a full commitment to making a family home once she is married - a home within which incidentally, she enjoys a pre-eminent role.

Due to the Western society's influence, the role of Arabian girls and women has changed dramatically over these years. It has brought an increase in opportunities in both education and employment, where girls and women once did not have. It has also provided them with more freedom in choice in choosing marriage, activities which they like to pursuit into, enter into the workforce, and much more.

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