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American 18 Girls

The United States does not have an official language at federal level, but nevertheless English is spoken by the majority of the population and American 18 girls are no exception to this. These young girls would have been taught English from the first day she attends school.

There are those American 18 girls who also adopt a second official language of Hawaiian, French, or Spanish. This is because some of these girls would either have Latin American parents or that they have growth up in the South-Western parts of America. They would have learnt their second language from home or school.

America is a very large country with many states with each state having different laws and regulation in age to adulthood and marriage. Depending where the American girl lives, she can consent to sexually activities anywhere between 16 to 18 years of age.

All states prescribe the age which must be reached by both girl and boy to the marriage for the couple to be able to legally agree to become husband and wife without parental permission. For all but two states in America this "age of consent" is 18 years old for girls and boy (in Mississippi the age is 21 years old and in Nebraska is 19 years old).

Young American girls enjoy almost all activities and hobbies that attract them. Many enjoy listening to there favorite music, dancing the night away with friends in clubs and discos, watching there favorite sports events, going out to see a movie, going shopping and dressing up like all 18 years old girls will do. American girls have much freedom compare to others around the world.

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